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Four reasons why you should choose us.

99.9% Uptime

We are the only cheating site that actually cares so much about uptime that we have setup failover servers! Eventhough we almost have a 100% uptime without these pre-cautions, but just in-case the main server craps out.

Never lose VIP Time

If a cheat is detected we freeze your VIP Time! Even then, we almost always give you extra subscription days if there was a detection. While a cheat is detected our system does NOT allow you to purchase it!

Live Support

Our VIP members have access to our live chat to get their issues quickly resolved! If there is no one available we have an offline ticket system as well which sends an email to all staff members!

Lowest Prices

We guarentee to have the lowest price for the best of the best. Our pricing is not only fair but also alot cheaper than the usual cheats, and we frequently offer discounts as well!

Battlefield 4

Our Battlefield 4 hacks provide you with a wide range of features. Our ESP and aimbot will allow you to identify, track, and ultimately destroy your target with ease, you can configure the exact intensity of your aimbot by changing the "smoothness" setting on your aimbot tab to make it look more 'legit'. You can also unlock ALL attachments regardless of your rank in-game! Do you hate the fact that you get kicked out of a server due to "low ping"? Well, worry no more, you can edit your ping to make it look like you have good latency therefore not getting kicked.

Absolute Hacks Battlefield 4

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Absolute Hacks Battlefield 3

Player Visible Player hidden

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Battlefield 3

Our Battlefield 3 hacks host an asset of exclusive features that will make using this hack an absolute joy. Limitless options in the "Visual" tab will make finding your enemy easy and enjoyable. Auto panic will reduce your chances of being threatened by near-by infantry/Vehicles. The highlight of this hack is the Instant damage which will take out your target with 1 HIT, and the precise aimbot will make for a deadly combination.

Battlefield Hardline

Our Battlefield Hardline hacks provide a smooth battlefield hacking experience, our top notch aimbot will make it ever easier to destroy your target. Our "Bone scan" feature is one of the biggest game changers when it comes to using aimbot, it automatically detects the visible bone of players and aims at it. We serve for the ones who like to rage hack, and ones who like to keep it subtle, by allowing you to costumize every aspect of your cheat. Our "Disable-Hardcode" feature gives you an upper hand over your opponents in hardcode mode.

Absolute Hacks Battlefield Harline

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