• Combat Arms
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    Our hacks are known to have a so advanced menu that you can even change the colors of each ESP settings individually and even the menu color itself! The aimbot is extremely accurate with an impeccable aim smoothening. Our No Spread and No Recoil features are fully customizable with sliders from 0% to 100% within the menu in-game.

  • Battlefield 3
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    With the smoothest ESP, it has never been easier to track enemy infantry and vehicles. And in addition of our Magic Bullets feature, it has never been harder to miss! Our aimbot is also charming with a bone scan option. Also, if things needs to get rough, our Fast Bullet and One Hit Kill features will probably create the desired madness.

  • CS: Source
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    The Counter Strike: Source hack is standing on a very solid and stable build. The aimbot is quite accurate and customizable enough to make you a master out of the game. The ESP features are informative, exact and smooth. Everything necessary for some absolute madness!

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